So what is it I could share about myself ?

I am an artist wandering through life with an open heart, free soul and demanding mind. My vision is to create, share and love in a way that is rising to something new and beautiful for everyone involved. I have a vision. A vision of togetherness and new ways of exchange & share. 

I love plants, the animals, cultures, trees, stones, crystals and soil on my hands. I love the feeling of grass when walking barefoot, mud, the ocean, rain, a sunny day and thunderstorms. There are so many places I want to go, so much more to learn. Languages, dancing, instruments, performing with a free and unbound mind, body and soul. I love creating beauty and above all learning how to love beyond my imagination.

I met the love of my life a long time ago. What a blessing to share my life with him and our two beautiful dogs Hannibal and Chu'Si.  I am happy and I am growing. Growing like a tree. My roots are deep. I reach higher. I believe together one can expand in two different worlds, while learning from each other. There is nothing more beautiful. What a challenge! What a blessing! All together, joined forever!

I love collecting memories and tell stories sometimes. I see a world that is juicy and fresh and exciting. I see a world that is ruled by love. We live in a converted van we call home and sometimes Laura. She is allowing us to live freely with all our belongings and to create in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Green Spirit Creations is what makes it all possible for me. To connect with you where ever I am but yet being able to learn, and love and share what I've learned. My life changed and I hope to inspire to hold on to your dreams  however they might evolve and change from time to time. 
Maybe one day you forget about all your fears and you are open to receive what ever it is that wants to be seen around you.

Again, thank you for making my life possible the way it is. I hope we meet soon and share a hug of true worth and harmony.

Till then find me here :)