Sensual Breath


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This smudging wand is sweet and warm and sexy in its scent. Definitely some magic for times of love and unity within yourself or your beloved partner. 
The leaves of Melissa and pedals Peonies are wrapped in Figleaf. All dried and ready for your smudging ceremony.

They measure about 2 x 8cm.

A little bit about the wands

First thing I have to say is, that all my smudging wands are handmade from scratch. I collect  the herbs and plants myself, I dry them, I create the bundles and decide what plants are working well together. They are blessed with positive intention as often as possible. Most of the time I dry them in sun's shine as I would like them to be charged with natural light as much as possible. I believe it can be felt and benefit to their wanted use. 
It can heal you. 
It can bless you. 
It can protect you.