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A blend of hand-picked wild thyme, lavender, master of the woods and spruce touched with the magic of emerald, green fluorite and a true feather in copper that reminds you that we all can relax and fly.

Some more information

All my wands and everything I do is collected in nature, handed with care and created to bring the highest magic of the universe as a manifestation that creates your space and your energy into complete truth. 
My creations are for Witches, Goddesses, High Vibrational Beings, Wizards, Gods, Alchemists and Fairies that know about the power of nature and its plants and are aware of its balance.
Every wand comes with a raw crystal or one of my crystal creations infusing the wand even more with earth's power and balance.
I am honoured to give special advice on the plants I use and detailed information if you feel like taking the time to create your own wands. All I ask for is a little donation for my knowledge however this might look like for you. 
Feel free to reach out when needed.
All I want to create is light so we can see the beauty around us.


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Length:           25 cm
Width:             5 - 10 cm

The Magic Inside

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Wild Thyme  (thymus pulegioides)
scent:               spicy, pleasant, herbaceous,  aromatic
virtue:             anti-depressive, antihypertensive, relaxing,         
                           euphoriant, cleansing, uplifting,         
                           protective, strengthening, disinfectant,
                           exhilarate, mood elevating
remedy for:    influenza, cold, bronchitis, circulation
                           problems, hypotension, depression,
                            melancholy, sadness
Lavender ( lavandula vera)
scent:                spicy, herbaceous, flowery, sweet,
                            aromatic, pleasant
virtue:               relaxing, soothing
Master Of The Woods (galium odoratum)
Traditionally  its smudging energy was used to help women relax as much as possible while birthing and to protect the newborn against dark spirits and witchcraft.
pleasant, woody
virtue:                calming and soothing for the body,
                            blood-purifying, anti-inflammatory,
 Spruce (picea)
scent:                 woody, it smells like a bonfire
virtue:                cleansing, protective, balancing,
                             grounding, freshening, strengthening
remedy for:       cold,  bronchitis, cough, asthma, 
                             influenza, paranasal problems, imbalance
                             anxiety, stress, fatigue, lack of 

Safety Information

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Please be aware that when using Master Of The Woods  you have to be careful. In this wand is only a tiny bit but when using it beside the wand be aware that it can be slightly poisoning when used too often! You recognise when you get headaches or a feeling of dizziness. Do not hesitate to reach out to me for any advise before smudging by clicking the contact button below.

Contact Green Spirit Creations

Feel free to reach out when you are guided towards it. I am willing to talk about prices and creating commission wands, art and crystal art.