My Smudging Wands

First thing I have to say is, that all my smudging wands are handmade from scratch. I collect  the herbs and plants myself, I dry them, I create the bundles and decide what plants are working well together. They are blessed with positive intention as often as possible. Most of the time I dry them in sun's shine as I would like them to be charged with natural light as much as possible. I believe it can be felt and benefit to their wanted use. 
It can heal you. 
It can bless you. 
It can protect you.

Tell me more, please!

Let's take a walk together ... A big , wild and wide meadow is in front of us. It feels like we are in the middle of nowhere. Very close are the first trees that mark the beginning of a deep, powerful and strong forest. We look down to our feed. The first herbs and plants are looking right at us, wanting us to know their secrets. Do you know their healing properties, their magic? We sit down and listen. Rubbing and touching their leaves, smelling their scent on our fingers. Closing our eyes.

Wild Sage. Goldenrod. Lavender and so much more. I feels like we are walking on a ground of goodness we didn't know before. So far away from the knowledge of the earth we have been. ...and here it is: A completely new beginning. We see all the magic and beauty and healing and the Love of our beautiful, ever-loving Mother Nature and suddenly we want to create and share so we pick the first plants we see and walk on to the big, beautiful forest. Our bundle gets bigger and bigger while we arrive at the edge of the forest. Junipers, Cedar, Larch and the list goes on. We collect a little more before we make our way back to where we live. Time to wash all the plants and herbs we collected and dry them a little bit before we create our little, magical bundles. Lets smell their scents, again. Calm, sensual, loving, warm...and much more. What do you smell? How does it make you feel? 
We create our bundles. We know their use and we share it with the world.
We let them all be hugged with crystals while drying them in the sunshine and we cradle them with our love every time we feel it. Light. Patience. Creation.
And here they are. Our magical Smudging Wands, ready to be shared.
What intention do you fill your wands with?

Find out what Smudging Wands are available right now and clear the energy and space around you to create a sacred light shining where ever you are.