Oils / Natural Perfumes

They are my new love. The smell of oils and the idea to give them a special something by infusing herbs, plants and crystals is just beautiful to me . The light of natural perfumes just got me and I had to create my own ones. I make them with the best oils I can find and create a unique smell by merging them with the essential oils plants give to us and the magic of crystals. They are all natural. I love to bless them. Mainly Love and Light is in every single bottle but the magic of each crystal creates a completely new story. The unique smell of each plant makes every flacon one of a kind. 

In these special moments of life the oils I create are made to  radiate in the frequency of your best Self. 
They have a soft smell, like a hidden secret, stroking your skin and wandering into your nose like a soft breeze. It's freedom.

"My first creation is a natural Amber Oil with the magic of a little piece of Amber in each flacon" 

On every skin Amber Oil creates its own scent as it mixes with the unique odour of the individual using it. The beauty behind it is, that you are not hiding who you are, more you are connecting and creating with something the nature of a whale gave us.

Did you hear about the medicine of Whale?

"Whale... Of mighty oceans, you have seen it all. Secrets of the ages are heard within your call. Teach me how to hear your words, and how to understand, the very roots of history, of when our world began." - Jamie Sams & David Carson

Unlock your wisdom within 

and be part of Your Natur's Magic.