Creating With Crystals

Mainly I create crystal art with a technique called electroforming using a chemical bath and electricity to form the copper around the crystals. It allows me to create pieces with all the gifts that grow in nature. My favourite part is also the most complicated part: organic pieces. I love electroforming leaves, insects I found dead to praise their lifes with something that can live almost forever, flowers, little branches and anything that catches my attention and lightens up my creativity.

I learned creating adornments with electroforming in 2016. It was super exciting to see what is possible and how it all works. Suddenly I could create everything with beautiful crystals I ever dreamed of and it looked all so different and unique. I knew I wanted to get more into it at some point but I travelled first for a while and had to make a long break from it due to not really having a proper home. I lived out of my backpack completely. Now all is possible. I can create crystal art while travelling and seeing new places thanks to a new home on wheels.

While from time to time finding new places I call home, I am always keen to learn new ways of creating beautiful adornments and mix these skills with the electroforming way of creating. My latest collaboration was creating an electroforming piece and letting it grow into something new with the magic of macramé. Also I upsycled some pieces of leather that would have been thrown away to a new collection of bracelets. One of my biggest dreams when it come to crystal art is the art of creating berber jewellery. So the next  big destination of a new home called Morocco is not that surprising and far anymore. I hope this winter is the time already.

Anyway. Welcome to the beginning of my journey of learning and growing a skill. I am happy to share it with you and thank you for being a part of it.

P.S.  If I should ever be near you, you are always welcome to get in contact and learn the art of electroforming to create your own unique piece or pieces. In return a little donation would make me happy.