Green Spirit Creations

is about the magic one sees in this world . 
It's Mother Nature's Green Spirit that lives inside all of us . 
Connected . Sacred . Pure .

Look up!
See the Moon, the Sun, the Stars and all the Planets.
All bringing light to the darkness that is around them.
Look down!
See all the plants, animals, the soil of Earth, your feet.
Feel the water, taste it, swim in it. All growing, blooming, dying and yet reborn again it seems.

My creations are for you, for your existence, for your love and for your magic.
They are adornments of pureness, they are the smoke that creates the new and they are the oil of earth, giving you tingles and a feeling of warmth from inside when awakening and embodying the essence of your inner world.
May each and every piece, wand of plants and oil assist you on your journey wandering and spreading your essence on this beautiful planet flying in the universe of everyone's being as it does for me.


Green Spirit Creations is an idea that does no calculation but is completely devoted to intuition for the art I create and how I sell it. We all have to live but I believe that a fixed price is cutting connections. I create to give and I trust the way I make my prices is beneficial for everyone involved to have a fair exchange. With buying my creations you are helping us living a healthy life. Balancing body, mind and soul.


Right now you are helping us with:
ood, gas, crystals and a heater for the motorhome we live in.

Thank you .For being you .